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The 1895 Morgan Silver Dollar has been referred to the 'King of Morgan Dollars' by avid collectors.1 It is the rarest and therefore most prized coin out of the whole Morgan Dollar series.1 Some rare specimens have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.1 It's good to be the king.1

U.S. mint records indicate that there were only 12,000 Morgan Dollars produced in 1895.1 This number is far lower than other years the Morgan Silver Dollar was minted.1 Another aspect that makes this such a sought after piece is the fact that less than 100 of 1895 Morgan Silver Dollars have actually been accounted for.1 While coin collectors often hang onto their prized collections with no thought of selling, an 1895 Morgan Silver Dollar is a valuable investment with a strong likelihood of increasing significantly in value in the years to come.

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